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Michele's Dance Studio is a school of dance and performing arts. The curriculum includes classes for pre-school, children, teens and adults at all levels. The staff is composed of experienced and educated instructors who stress individual attention. They aim to provide quality education within a structure of enjoyable classes.

Michele Sandler, director, wants to convey her love of dance to her students. She believes a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment can be gained through dancing, whether one wishes to dance professionally, to stay fit, or is dancing purely for recreation.

She has described dance as a discipline and a technique to master. Beyond that, the student should constantly strive to reach his or her individual potential. Dancing builds confidence because one can constantly improve and polish his or her skills. This "self-competition" and the inherent beauty in dance will afford the student a totally satisfying experience.

It is with this positive attitude that Michele and the staff encourage their students and help them succeed. They believe that dancing enriches life both aesthetically and physically and really makes a person feel wonderful!